Welcome to the official music website of Denis Mayer Jr.

The warm and rich voice of Denis Mayer Jr. dwells between Baritone and Tenor Tessitura.

Having no formal vocal training, Denis' passion has touched the hearts of many with its emotion and power of tonality, blending together classical and pop music.

With his glorious tenor range voice, music for Denis is a spiritual experience. He sings to make other people feel happy and not only to hear his voice but also to feel the passion of his work.

Denis has been inspired by such great artists such as Bocelli, Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras and Il Divo.


"So incredibly beautiful. I cannot stop playing them. I have found my replacement for Pavarotti. You are every bit as good as he was. You have the voice and the look. You would be a huge success."
~ Betsy Frahm

"Every time I play, O Holy Night, it has become my new favourite recording of the song, I break out in tears and goosebumps. Well done, lad. I played it for one of my senior cello students, and she cried also. Bravo."
~ Linda Minty, host of Musicale on 91xfm CJLX